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"Beneath a mask of selfish tranquility nothing exists except bitterness and boredom. I am one of those whom suffering has made empty and frivolous: each night in my dreams I pull the scab off a wound; each day, vacuous and habit-ridden, I help it re-form." ∞ Cyril Connolly, “The Unquiet Grave”
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by Ana LMz

You sit and try sometimes but you just can’t figure out what went wrong….

my heart!! </3

I have seldom met an individual of literary tastes or propensities in whom the writing of love was not directly attributable to the love of writing.

A person of this sort falls terribly in love, but in the end it turns out that he is more bemused by a sheet of white paper than a sheet of white bed linen.

∞ E.B. White
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